What makes Jiggy Wrigglers special?

What makes Jiggy Wrigglers special?

The children’s activity sector has grown from strength to strength over the years, but Jiggy Wrigglers stands out from similar business models because it provided fun, upbeat, and interactive programmes and classes that were also very flexible and very affordable. I know that our franchise model worked brilliantly on two levels…

From a business perspective, Jiggy Wrigglers franchisees could work the hours they wanted, to fit around their lives and family, which helped them juggle nursery and school commitments etc., whilst building their new career.

From a parents’ perspective, it helps franchisees as they could bring their own children to their sessions – I have three children and not only have they come to my sessions over the years, but they have also been actively involved in preparing for special events and giving their input too!

My initial struggles

The journey hasn’t always been an easy one for me. I suffered quite badly with postnatal depression with my first two children, my husband was working away from home four days a week, and at times I felt very alone…

You might question how I could feel so alone with two children at home … but the answer was although I was busy juggling home, family, and work life, changing nappies and trying not to upset a toddler (who knew you could ruin their entire day – and yours – by giving them the wrong cup!), I felt as if everyone’s life was continuing and mine had stagnated.

I found it very hard to balance everything and spent my days counting down the hours until my husband came home. At which point I could have some much-needed time to myself or take five minutes to catch up on admin.

In October 2016, we moved 160 miles from Hampshire to Shropshire. It meant that my husband could be home every night and I could relaunch the business in a new location. There was a great mixture of excitement and trepidation because I was eight months pregnant at the time and I had lived in Southampton all my life … it was where my friends and family were, and where I had built most of my business links.


The right move

Two months after we moved, our daughter was born (in the car en route to the hospital) and with the initial success of Jiggy Wrigglers I was so happy.

In May 2017, I set up my first classes in Bridgnorth, and in September we welcomed our first Shropshire franchisee (Telford). In January 2018, we expanded to Kidderminster.

Jiggy Wrigglers has helped me hugely with my confidence. As with any business, it has had its ups and downs, but it has pushed me to get up every day and to build on its success. I absolutely love running my own classes and having a hands-on approach to the business. I know what does and doesn’t work because I’m actively involved…  I don’t’ think there are many franchisors out there who are still running their business and their own classes at the same time.

Over the years I have loved watching children grow from babies to confident preschoolers, and being able to support parents when their children have meltdowns. All against the backdrop of knowing that I was doing something to help other mums, dads, nans, or grandads in the same situation. It has been the most rewarding job I have ever had 😊

I am so proud of the way the business has grown and the number of franchises we now have. As the owner and director of Jiggy Wrigglers Ltd and Jiggy Wrigglers Franchise Ltd., I am 100% dedicated to the continued development of both the Jiggy Wrigglers brand and the franchisees. Their success is my success and together with our legal, marketing, business strategy, training, and web development teams I am there to support and encourage the growth of each franchise within the business.

For more information on Jiggy Wrigglers and our franchises please visit www.jiggywrigglers.com or email us at Franchise@jiggywrigglers.com


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