Meet Zoe Moore, franchisee of Jiggy Wrigglers Ludlow, Kidderminster and Bridgnorth who stepped away from her job of more than 15 years to launch her own business.


Jiggy Wrigglers franchise has allowed me the freedom to run a successful business alongside my family


Meet Zoe Moore, franchisee of Jiggy Wrigglers Ludlow, Kidderminster and Bridgnorth who stepped away from her job of more than 15 years to launch her own business.


I was in the fitness industry as an instructor and sales manager and had been within that same sector for fifteen years. It was after I went back after maternity leave that I realised that I wanted a different career and something that would fit around my family. I had sales and marketing skills and could lead teams, but I had never run my own business before.

Why Jiggy Wrigglers?

I went to Jiggy’s with my own children and one of my best friend’s and her daughter and we just loved everything about it. We loved how flexible it was, you could just pay as you go, we loved how interactive it was for the children but to be honest, we also loved being given a cup of tea and having the chance to chat while our children were having fun. I was still in my full-time role and speaking to my friend about wanting to change career paths and she believed that I could do the Jiggy’s role. I didn’t know anything about franchising but after lots of conversations with the Founder Katie, I felt confident that with her full support and guidance and by following the systems, I could make the business work.


Growth to date

I’m now in year four and my growth over the last twelve months has been excellent. The business has proved it can withstand challenges and I’ve progressed to the stage where I now have two leaders delivering sessions. I’ve expanded into all areas with classes in nursery schools as well as nursing homes with Jiggy Vintage, an interactive music and movement programme designed to entertain elderly people living in residential accommodation.

A lifechanging business

With Jiggy Wrigglers, you can earn your initial outlay back very quickly if you follow the systems and attend the training sessions. If you asked me five years ago if I would be doing something like this, I would never have believed you. But this role has totally grown my confidence and just makes me happy while having a financially rewarding career. Katie at Head Office really makes us all feel appreciated and this is a great business model to follow.

The joy of running Jiggy’s

I love that every day is different, and I get to meet so many lovely families and children. I watch babies take many of their first milestones from walking or clapping to the music and get to see them grow in confidence ready to start school. It’s important to have a job that you love and working with young children every day and dancing around really does release those endorphins and make you feel happy. I can’t image ever sitting in front of a desk all day again.

Training and support

The Founder Katie is wonderful, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. The other franchisees are also like family and we help each other with any challenges we have. In the beginning, it was me asking all the questions but it’s great I can now pay it forwards and support newer franchisees with their journey. There is so much support and training offered from zooms to webinars to YouTube tutorials, there is still always something I take from these sessions to implement into my business.

Join the Jiggy Wrigglers franchise

Katie will be running several virtual Discovery Den sessions where you can find out more about joining the Jiggy Wrigglers network.


Tel: 07966065643


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