Jiggy Wrigglers offers a well-articulated Dance and Movement Class for you and your Child!

About JIggy Wrigglers

At Jiggy Wrigglers playtime is a social occasion designed perfectly for you and your child
We like to think of Jiggy Wrigglers as a musical wonderland intended to introduce your child to music, develop their sensory capabilities, and become sociable. Jiggy Wrigglers is all about using awesome music to learn as well as for games and other forms of activity for kids between the ages of 0-5years. We began offering services in 2008 and have since then expanded into over 50 areas in the U.K. At Jiggy Wrigglers we let Kids be Kids while helping them grow, learn and socialise using our special songs and the Jiggy Wriggler Puppets

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Ethos of Jiggy Wrigglers

Jiggy Wrigglers is all about fun! Our groups are NOT classes, but rather social occasions! We don’t have teachers…but entertainers!
Our groups and sessions are upbeat, high energy and could never be called old fashioned! Jiggy Wrigglers provide fun and sociable activities at affordable prices. We offer Sibling Discounts, and under 6months attending with paying siblings are free. Our groups are great value for one child and fantastic value for twins or siblings.

Why our customers love Jiggy Wrigglers