Jiggy Vintage

Interactive music and movement classes for the elderly

OVER 60s

Length of group: 60 Minutes
Jiggy Vintage is an interactive music and movement programme designed to entertain elderly people living in residential accommodation. Jiggy Vintage has been developed by Jiggy Wrigglers, an award-winning, nationwide children's music and movement company based in the UK. Our newly developed Jiggy Vintage classes support extensive research relating to the benefits of music and movement for the mental and physical wellbeing of adults over 60-years of age. We believe that music and interaction with others can stimulate positive memories associated with happy moments in life. Upbeat music promotes physical movement and general mobility along with the release of endorphins, leading to laughter, happiness and a feeling of positivity. We live in a society where the care of people (young and old) is increasingly segregated, with limited opportunities for different age groups to interact with each other...

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Ethos of Jiggy Wrigglers

Our award-winning Jiggy Wrigglers development classes are run across the UK and provide sensory music and movement experiences for you baby toddler and preschoolers.
Founded in 2008 by mum of three Katie Clunn, the classes combine Early Years Foundation Stages of Learning for teaching babies about the world around them. At our classes, there's a relaxed pay-as-you-go approach and we always delight in having a cup of tea and a biscuit during our social time! Socialisation, which is critical not just for kids but all of us grown ups, is a major focus of ours! We have five programmes to select from: Jiggy Babies, Jiggy Tots, Jiggy Mixed, Jiggy Junior, and Jiggy Vintage. Additionally, we offer nursery preschool sessions and birthday parties! Come join the fun, get parents and babies the most out of their classes and nurture your little one's development!

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