How to run a business in 2021

How to run a business in 2021

The last twelve months have been anything but usual. Learning, adapting and growing through a pandemic has taught business leaders so much. We speak to Katie Clunn, Managing Director of Jiggy Wrigglers about how to run a business through the most challenging of times.


Confidence building

Jiggy Wrigglers has helped me hugely with my confidence. It has its ups and downs like any business, but Jiggy Wrigglers drives me to get up every morning and build on our success. I absolutely love running my own classes and taking my youngest child with me. I know what works and what doesn’t because I’m actively involved… I’m not sure there are many franchisors out there that still run classes themselves. Watching the children grow from babies to confident preschoolers, seeing other children have meltdowns and being able to offer mums support, and knowing that I’m doing something to help other mums, dads, nans or grandads in the same situation is more rewarding than any other job I’ve ever had.


Supporting franchisees

I am 100% dedicated to the continued development of the Jiggy Wrigglers brand and my Jiggy Wrigglers franchisees. To me, their success is a measure of my success (as the owner and director of Jiggy Wrigglers LTD and Jiggy Wrigglers Franchise Ltd), and for all franchises, our team (Legal, Marketing, Business strategy, Training and Web Development) and I am there to support an encourage the growth of each franchise within the business.


Adjusting through Covid

Due to Covid I have pivoted the company. Our classes are now forced to adhere to numerous restrictions including attendance capacity limits. Before we could reopen classes, I needed a system in place that would provide a safe and secure booking system with track and trace capabilities, centralised payments and several other elements not available  through an ‘off the shelf’ booking system. To get everything I needed in the system, I chose to look at bespoke software. I needed a system that would allow customers to book classes easily, customise birthday parties to individual leaders and franchises at random times, pay online, split fees between franchises and head Office, offer refunds and credit functionality, discounts, loyalty schemes, and also give franchisees their own part of the system from which to manage their individual accounts. For the franchisees – I needed it to be user friendly, reduce their admin time, create monthly management reporting, bulk email sending, bulk text sending functionality, accept direct payments, create class registers, and have functionality for phone bookings etc. I also needed different security access levels for admin, franchisees and leaders.


Creating software systems

With the system being entirely bespoke and built from scratch, as well as using it for the purposes of the main business, we can also offer the system to other franchise businesses as a second revenue stream. After researching many off-the-shelf products and interviewing many different software development companies, I knew I needed someone that would be able to work with me to build a dedicated, scalable system for thousands of customers to use on a daily basis (and it needed to be built in a very short time frame of eight weeks).  We launched the system last September as even though we have been through two more lockdowns we have over 6,000 active customer accounts and have seen close to 25,000 purchases through the system.


Looking to the future

The last year has been one of the most interesting and exciting years for the business. Although it was mentally frustrating and exhausting as a parent and business owner, it has also been incredibly rewarding. I’m looking to the future with a positive mindset and the absolute belief that our Jiggy Wrigglers concept is something that is so important for new parents today.


Get in touch

Katie will be running a number of virtual Discovery Den sessions where you can find out more about joining the Jiggy Wrigglers network.


Tel: 07966065643




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