Fareham Vintage Sessions

The groups are all very friendly and everyone is welcome.

Jiggy Vintage’ is an upbeat music and movement programme designed to be interactive and entertain the residents in Care Home setting.

Jiggy Vintage was introduced at the beginning of 2017  to support dementia patients in care homes. At the time there was a lot of publicity about how involving chidren in care homes can have a massive impact on the social well-being of the residents. Unlike other classes (that have followed our idea) Jiggys didn’t want to just take our classes into care homes, we wanted to adapt our classes and do something unique for the brand. I spent months designing and testing a programme called Jiggy Vintage that worked with the residents. Our songs are unique to this programme, and have 1950’s feel to them.The props used are chosen specifically so that residents can hold them and join in with the sessions. We have successfully rolled programme out across the country

The Jiggy Wrigglers – ‘Jiggy Vintage’ sessions provide good quality music and songs which encourage interaction, mobility and socialisation. The sessions involve a number of different props and visual aids to stimulate interest and enjoyment along with percussion instruments to encourage interaction, involvement and self-expression.

We live in a society where care of young and old is increasingly separated, with very limited opportunity for the two age groups to interact.

Jiggy Wrigglers is a lovely place to meet new people and strike up new friendships for both the Children and the Grown-Ups who come along.

If you feel like coming along for a wriggle and a bounce our doors are open and most importantly everyone gets a drink and biscuit…even the Grown-Ups.  

Our groups are a great way for you and your child to have fun and meet new friends!

There is no need to book – its pay as you go and siblings are FREE.

All this fun is followed by free play with our toys and FREE refreshments.

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