Jiggy Babies

“ WAKE UP WAKE UP…                                      

                 WHO COULD IT BE?” 

                                                                     “Who’s in the bag today”

Jiggy Wrigglers is all about fun! Our groups are NOT classes, they’re social occasions! We offer upbeat, funky music and movement groups for babies, toddlers and preschoolers at an affordable



Pay as you go

Only pay Per Family

Free refreshments for all 

NO Signing up 

It’s simple ‘Find a class’…  and just pop along!! 


Length of the group : 45 Minutes

These multi-sensory classes provide a perfect introduction to music and singing for you and your baby. We will introduce you to lots of new songs and many old favorites, unique sensory props and tactile materials. Our playlists change every couple of weeks, this is to enable you to learn songs and not get bored of the same thing each week.

This groups starts the other way around with 20 minutes of social time and complimentary refreshments, Social time is a perfect way for parents to meet other families while the babies explore the toys bubbles and magical color rotating around the room.



Jiggy Wrigglers is all about fun! Our groups are NOT classes, but rather social occasions!
We don’t have teachers…but entertainers!

Our groups and sessions are upbeat, high energy and could never be called old fashioned!
Jiggy Wrigglers provide fun and sociable activities at affordable prices.
By pricing our groups per family, they are great value for one child and fantastic value for twins or siblings.


What our customers say…

“This is by far the most fun group I have ever been to! The entertainer has so much energy and the kids love it! I really like the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”